Infinite Vision is a Home, Audio and Visual company which has establishing itself within the market, placing special emphasis on customer relations and service, with its suppliers and products history, and track record dating back to 20 years within the corporate, residential and entertainment arena, giving the company a steadfast confidence boost within the market with brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and more. Being in an ever changing market Infinite Vision has expanded its services, dealers and suppliers, the reason for this is that IV intends becoming the most influential in its field regarding it’s marketed items, making it versatile in all fields and also providing the technical support and professional advice second to none. 


All installations are done in relation to items sold which are stocked and sold by Infinite Vision, namely LCD screen, AV monitors, HDPVR, Top TV, DSTV satellite, home theatre systems, CCTV cameras, PA Systems and Access Control.Installations are done by each professional in each sector of the business ensuring quality and client satisfaction. Due to the installers having the relevant background and experience no job or contract will be too big or too small extending from hotels, corporate, apartments, residential and entertainment.   


Our services includes technical and onsite service to the advantage of the customer and  their clients. Free delivery will be done by the staff of Infinite Vision to the address specified by on the date of the transaction. A maintenance plan will be put in place to the benefit of the customer allowing them peace of mind regarding the item purchased and customer satisfaction.Our aim is to constantly update all the items on the website when required and in return, keeping you, the client briefed and informed regarding all changes related to products and specifications.  Our website can be used to the full discretion of the client regarding specifications, pricing, Technical support, stock availability, etc. An LCD has been set p in the office with regards to TOPTV, giving the client the opportunity to channel hop before making the purchase of the decoder and installation. Financial assistance can be arranged when required via Nedbank as an additional service , making you purchase even easier. An EFT facility via a laptop is available on the premises when required for any payment transactions.


Infinite Vision has been given the opportunity to open a satellite store in the Southern suburbs, namely Plumstead, supplying installers and the retailer with all fast moving items. These items will be stocked and supplied from Space in Woodstock making the travelling and time factor to the advantage of the installer and consumer. Items stocked with be dishes, DSTV decoders, TOPTV decoders, LNB’s, multi switches, cable, HDPVR decoders, splitters, brackets, HDMI products, antennae’s, remotes, etc. All transactions will be done on a cash basis with the implementation of a speed point for debit cards only, in the near future. Being approached by an established company like Space Television speaks volumes with regards to the reputation Infinite Vision is busy building in the market.


With the continual growth of Infinite Vision and its client base, our aim services has expanded to retail and online shopping via our website, once again keeping ahead with the demand of the consumer making their task easier in goods selection. Pay Pal will be put in place in the near future enabling easier , convenient and safer payment terms to the advantage of the client. Our range of appliances has grown ranging from light bulbs, kettles, irons, toasters, gas burners, microwaves, coffee makers, hobs, extractors, ovens, stoves, cookers, fridges, bar fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuums, water dispensers, air conditioners, generators, etc, branded under Samsung, LG, Bosch, Siemans, Buamatic, Goldair, GE Appliances, Sunbeam, Ideal, Ideas, Magic Line, Telefunken, WIK, Nu-Tec, Fenci, Palsonic and Thomson.

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